Discover The Possibilities

Creativity. Modularity. Affordability.

Discover the possibilities of the Navigator Modular Fabric Graphics System. 

Create, reuse and rebrand your display with ease.
Shrink your display.   Expand your display.
Reskin your display with a whole new message.
What will you create?

As one example, the MDS-004 will give you a beautiful 10' x 20' inline display, but that's just the beginning.  The 5 frames in this NavMod configuration easily separate, you can create several smaller displays using the same frames and same pillowcase graphics.

The frames can be paired in various combinations to fit the parameters of your space while you can reuse your pillowcase graphics while keeping your brand and message conistent and in budget.

Taking it a step further, new frames can be connected and new graphics can be printed and easily added into the mix or made to completely restyle your booth for a whole new look, feel and message.